Your First Visit

Welcome to Children’s Dental Zone! We are so glad you have chosen us to be your dentist. No matter what your past experience, we will work hard to make every visit a positive one.

Preparing for Your First Visit

If it is your child’s first visit to the dentist or just the first time to a new office, we want you and your child to feel comfortable and have a great experience with us! It’s helpful to inform your child where they are going and make sure to always be positive. Using any negative words may plant fear into his or her mind that would not have been there otherwise. Never use words such as hurt, needle, shots or anything unpleasant. Our doctors and team are trained to tell your child what is going to happen in a very non-threatening way. For children under the age of 6, we recommend scheduling their appointment as early as you can when he or she is fresh and alert. Please expect your child to do well and have a great time at our office and chances are they will likely do just that.

Kids Under 3 Years Old

We recommend your child’s very first visit around his or her first birthday but it can be earlier. Our goal for this visit is to start your child with a lifetime of great oral health and habits. We are here to answer any questions you may have, and we will also talk to you about dietary habits and how to keep your child’s mouth clean. One of our doctors will perform a thorough exam while your child lays comfortably in your lap. Once your child reaches the age of three, we will start regular continuing care appointments which are explained in more detail below.

Kids Over 3 Years Old

At three years old we are ready to start big kid cleanings! These appointments can include x-rays (pictures of their teeth), removal of plaque or tartar build up on his/her teeth, polishing with our “tickle toothbrush’, flossing and a topical fluoride application. One of our pediatric dentists will give your child a thorough but gentle exam of their head and neck as well as your child’s teeth, gums and bite. We will also make sure to give you and your child their unique home care instructions and recommend any products that may be helpful for your child to achieve optimum oral health.

Can I go back with my child?

Parents are encouraged to accompany their child to the treatment area for their initial visit. We recommend if you decide to accompany your child back at the first visit that you assume the role of a silent observer. This is so that we can build trust between your child and our team. After the first visit, we encourage your child to come back alone however you are always welcome to come back with him/her. Our main goal is to give your child a great experience while receiving the highest quality care.

Other Appointments

If additional treatment is diagnosed at the first or future appointments, we will review x-rays and your child’s treatment plan with you. One of our team members will discuss all the financial aspects of your child’s treatment with you. We will assist you in scheduling their appointment and answer any questions you might have.