Thumb Sucking

Sucking on a thumb or fingers is a natural reflex that starts during infancy. Babies use fingers or pacifiers to help them feel secure or content. It is also a relaxing habit for babies and toddlers that can help induce sleep.

Thumb sucking becomes a problem when it continues after the eruption of the permanent teeth because it can impact the growth of the mouth and the proper placement of the new teeth coming in. Pacifiers are no different; they impact the mouth in the same way, however, they are easier to control than finger habits.

We recommend that your child should stop sucking his/her thumb between the ages of 2-4. When your child does stop sucking their thumb, fingers, or pacifier, bring them to our office to get a picture taken and posted on our “thumb wall.” We also will give them a Chick-Fil-A gift card and give them a lot of positive reinforcement.

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