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Myss MuffettMyss Muffett

I just want to thank everyone at this John’s Creek location of Children’s Dental Zone for such Awesome Customer Service!! The level of professionalism is Outstanding and Un-Touchable. This was my daughter’s first dentist experience and the ENTIRE staff (from the very kind woman under the white tent outside to Everyone inside) made Us feel very comfortable and Important. I drove over 40 minutes (early morning) to this location on a recommendation from my daughter’s doctor and This experience Was Well Worth IT 🥰 A special thank you to Brittany, my daughter’s dental hygienist!!!
See you ALL in 6 months ☺️

Heather KnobbeHeather Knobbe

Our first visit and it was a blast! Didn't think the dentist could be fun, but this place definitely makes sure you have a positive experience every time! We had a tour, welcome packet, and the kids loved watching a movie with headphones so they could actually watch the movie while their teeth were worked on. The new procedures for COVID made us feel very safe, and it was a streamlined process. Would definitely recommend to everyone who has kids.

Aubrey GallimoreAubrey Gallimore

I just came from my first appointment with my kids after doing some research and I was BLOWN away! They are top notch and it doesn't even feel like they TRY. It feels like everyone there truly works as a team and loves working there and it shows! I was blown away with the welcome gift upon my arrival! I know they give it to all the new patients but I felt like it was just about me and them welcoming my kids. I have a 13 yr and and a 16 yr special needs daughter who has had a bad cleaning experience and it was VERY hard to convince her that she wasn't going to be hurt again. I shared this with the staff and they all were hands on to make sure this was a pleasurable experience for her. It made me SOOOO happy to see! The hygienist was an angel and I was watching her work in her gift!

I'm so glad to now be apart of the Children't Dental Zone Family and my kids know now moving forward that they will never have to worry about another bad dental appoint again. I pray once they outgrow pediatric dentistry that they will find a dentist who will continue their confidence when their teeth are being cleaned.


This picture and verbal sentiment sums it up! Took my young girls, and they had the best time - smiling, giggling, and full of glee. All of the staff we encountered, including Jane, Sabrina, and Dr Lulu and many others were wonderfully pleasant and efficient. We’ll be back, especially if they still have the special discount. 😀

Andrew RothAndrew Roth

TLDR: If Chick-Fil-A, Disney World and Willy Wonka had a lovechild, it would be this dentists office. I may end up disregarding the hygienists advice and give my kids extra gummy candies so we can go back sooner than in six months. Going here is the same as walking through the magic wardrobe to Narnia.


I really shouldn't leave a review after one visit but here goes. I picked this place based on the ridiculously good reviews everyone else has given (I choose all my products and services based on the reviews of people rather than the marketing guarantees of companies while learning to sift out the fake reviews) but still remained skeptical it could be this good. I was wrong.

Met by friendly staff outside that had me check off a standard COVID checklist super quick. Then was greeted at our car by another staff that showed us inside. They have an amazing play area for kids (closed now b/c of zombie apocalypse but will reopen eventually) where the kids will get to enter through a tunnel. She showed us a wall of toys for the kids, gave me a pseudo-enneagram 2 question "test" to see what was important to me and then showed us to our chairs.

The dental hygienists were just as kind and friendly and able. The kids got to watch a show while having their teeth cleaned or could toss them aside as my 2 yo did. First visit for my 2 yo who told me repeatedly she would need to hold my hand the entire time BEFORE we got there and then felt so at ease that she didn't glance at me once while there.

They let me stay back there like the hover parent I am and didn't make me feel bad about that. They worked efficiently but were always kind to my kids and not rushing them. People explained to me about x-rays and flouride treatment and any procedure I inquired about. But no one pushed anything on us.

The dentist came and immediately noticed the kids church accessory on his shoe and chatted about it. He was able to tell us about one issue my middle child had that was causing us concern and hadn't been explained to us before. We set up our next 6 month appointment while waiting for the dentist so didn't even need to stop by the front desk to do that.

Basically, I felt weird that my kids had such an amazing experience from beginning to end. My dentist office just had magazines literally no one reads and one fluorescent light buzzing in the corner of my view. Why should my gets kid all this? (Yes, I have issues).

1) Kids loved it
2) All staff was so friendly
3) No upselling happened

Eliana A. Abourjaily
It was an astonishing experience!! That was my daughter's very first visit to the dentist and she loved it. The place is clean and everybody is so friendly, especially Sabrina our dental hygienist...she's so sweet!! Dr Lulu is extremely kind and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place!!
Justin Chamberlain
I took my daughter her this morning for the first time and I can not give this place enough praise. If you need a place to take your child this is it. Every one there is so friendly and informative. Not only did my daughter get great care she also had a great time and can’t wait to go back not something I was expecting from a dentist visit. Definitely will be going here from now on.
Candice Jones
Children's Dental Zone is truly an amazing company with a clear goal in mind! CHILDREN!! My 2 year old daughter needed to be seen on a Friday due to an accident she had the night before. My husband and I called over 7 different places to get seen. They were the only business created a space for her, even though she was a brand new patient. The care and concern they had for my daughter was over the top.
Summer Kasarla
Let me start off by saying that this place is AMAZING! My 4 year old has dental anxiety and sensory issues. We have gone to 4 different dentists getting second and 3rd opinions on a treatment plan for her teeth. From the moment we walked in, there is a tunnel for kids to crawl through instead of walking in the front door. Once inside, there is a theatre room, a game room on top and a slide from the second story. It was hard to get my daughter to leave. I was treated with a gift bag and once we went to the back, they have 2 story prize machines with so many prizes to choose from. My 4 year old was amazed and excited. The staff was really amazing and everyone made my child feel like she was so important. Each staff member acknowledged her and made her feel so special. They even played with her while I talked to the dentist. Dr. Kim was so sweet and attentive and really put my mind at ease and made my child feel very comfortable. She sat with me for a very long time and answered all of my questions in great detail. Everything was absolutely perfect there and I had the best experience from the time we walked in, to the time we left. Before, I couldn’t get my child to go into the dentist and now, I can’t get her to leave! Whoever designed this dental office, really took time and great detail to make sure it meets every kids needs and interests! AMAZING!
Courtney Mumbower
Dr. Kim was amazing, with my Son, she explained what she was going to do first and then told him what she was doing step by step during the process. I would recommend the Practice.
Crystal Brackley
Very friendly staff! My kids felt very comfortable. Very clean
Laine Ingle
My 9 y/o had to have his front tooth bonded and was VERY anxious about it. The staff was wonderful and thorough and he made it through with minimal stress! The tooth looks great! We love Dr King and Simone and the rest of the staff!! Thank you!
Rose Etienne-Reed
Dr. King and his staff especially Paula and Jasmine were awesome. Today was our very first time coming to their office and everyone welcomed us with smiles. I recommend this practice to anyone with children. Great Job Children's Dental Zone.-Rosemarie Reed
Brad Hedges
Dr King is great! He always goes above and beyond and takes great care of our kids. Best dentist kid experience.
Jill Volpe
Very welcoming and clean office. Everyone is friendly, upbeat and takes the time to answer any questions or address concerns. Doctors and staff are so nice and make you and your child feel comfortable.
Amanda Havard
I recently went in for my 8 year olds 6 month cleaning and to get my 4 year old checked out. He is on the Autism Spectrum and has always refused to even let me look in his mouth. Brushing time has always been extremely stressful and so he has a lot of decay. Not only were the ladies super nice they made my baby feel so comfortable. Comfortable enough that he actually spoke to them (he has selective mutism so that was amazing to watch, it made me cry happy tears!) He was so comfortable that they were able to do full xrays and EVEN BRUSH HIS TEETH! Since this trip (3 days ago) he is now letting me brush his teeth without any fuss! This dentistry literally changed our lives. I am forever grateful.
Suad Awad
This dentist office is the best! My 6 yr old actually thinks it’s fun to come here.
Eren Watkins
I have never seen a dentist office like this. The business concept is brilliant! It is truly an experience for both the children and parents. The staff is amazing, attentive and clearly love what they do. If you have a little one, I highly recommend this practice. Kudos to the CDZ staff!
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