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Any medical emergency can be scary, but when it’s your child involved, the urgency only increases. Dental emergencies can be especially scary and unpredictable. Children are often playing rough and are prone to falls or bumps.

Most dental emergencies require immediate care so that further problems do not arise. Here are some things to consider when choosing your emergency pediatric dentist.

Experience: a pediatric dentist’s past experience with schooling and education is important. However, their experience with handling kids in the dental office is just as important. You want your child in experienced hands.

Positive environment: when a dental emergency arises, you want your child to feel as safe and comfortable as possible to try to avoid additional stress.

Strong communication: the ability to communicate with patients, and especially kids, in a simple way is so important for ease and comfort. Your pediatric dentist should be able to explain to your children the steps of any dental procedure in a way that is comforting and understandable to a child’s mind.

For pediatric dental care in the Johns Creek area, Children’s Dental Zone is the place for you and your child. Your child will feel safe and welcomed with our team. We are readily equipped to handle your potential dental emergencies with grace.

We have an award-winning, kid-friendly office that incorporates highly trained care into a fun, loving experience. Your dental appointments or emergencies don’t have to be scary with the help of our incredible team of trained specialists.

So parents, what is the plan of attack in the case of a dental emergency?

Let’s look at some common issues and solutions for these special cases. Common child dental emergencies include:
Toothaches: toothaches are not always causes for an emergency response. However, persistent pain can be a sign of a potentially harmful condition or need for tooth removal.

Knocked-out tooth: this is a common one for kids as they are prone to falls and accidents. It is important to try to find the knocked-out tooth so that it can be replaced if possible. Keeping the gum and socket clean with warm water and gauze is important until emergency help can be administered. The faster you get to your dentist, the greater the chances of naturally replacing the tooth.

Chipped or broken tooth: keeping the tooth clean with warm water and applying a cold compress is important as a chipped tooth can cause lots of pain and swelling. Immediate dental care is important so as to avoid infection in the tooth.

Tongue, lip, or cheek injury: this is not always cause for emergency care, but if bleeding persists for an extended period of time, your child’s dentist should be consulted.

Damaged braces: this is also common in children because they are generally rough on their teeth and braces. The main concern is hurting the gum or mouth with exposed wires. Again, this is not always cause for emergency care, but our dentists should be consulted as quickly as possible.

Jaw injury: preventing movement by minimal talking and using a rag or band to keep the jaw steady is important. Emergency care should be administered to fix the jaw as soon as possible.

Head injury: while the emergency room is typically more prepared to address a serious head injury, it can always be helpful to call or consult a dentist to fill them in and be sure the mouth is unaffected.

You or your children’s emergencies can cause a real headache. Having a kid’s dentist on standby with experience in emergency dental care is a necessity as a parent.

If you live in or near Johns Creek, GA and need emergency kid’s dental care, call Children’s Dental Zone.

Emergency care can prevent an array of further issues and get your child’s smile back to its beautiful self in no time. Talk to our pediatric dentists today to request information on emergency care.

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