Need an Emergency Pediatric Dentist in Johns Creek, GA? Call Us!

Any medical emergency can be scary, but when it’s your child involved, the urgency only increases. Dental emergencies can be especially scary and unpredictable. Children are often playing rough and are prone to falls or bumps. Most dental emergencies require immediate care so that further problems do not arise. Here are some things to consider […]

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How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist Near You

Children can be some of the greatest humans on earth, but still be a terrible patient. They are not typically fond of doctors, dentists and regular checkups. Naturally, parents want to choose the very best for their children. Choosing a dentist should be no different. So what should parents look for when seeking out their […]

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Common Myths & Facts about Kids’ Dental Fillings

The world of dentistry is always progressing and changing. Societal and technological advances aid in this change as time goes on. Dentists are special advocates for child dental treatment – especially the team here at Children’s Dental Zone! One of the most popular treatments recommended for children are dental fillings. Many opinions about fillings include […]

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What is Fluoride Varnish?

As a parent, your goal is the health and wellness of your child. At Children’s Dental Zone, we share that goal. From your at-home dental routine to regular dental appointments to preventative procedures, we believe that a well-rounded approach to oral health is what will result in a healthy, growing child. Children’s mouths are susceptible […]

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Children’s Dental Zone Wins 2020 Best Dentistry Award

The Best Dentistry Awards judging panel of industry specialists honored Children’s Dental Zone with the 2020 Best Dentistry Award for their quality of care and patient satisfaction over the last year. Competition for the award was high due to the number of dental practices in the area. Several of these practices stood out from the […]

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Our Team’s Favorite Smile-Friendly Snacks

EVERYONE KNOWS that snack time is one of the best times of the day! Getting a tasty treat in the middle of the workday or grabbing a snack after school can be just the pick-me-up you need to tackle the rest of your day with a smile. But before you reach for the chips or […]

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